Lee Hi – Breathe + Hold my Hand

Lee Hi, one of the many voices of Korea… but still one of the greatest modern ones; is back with the four-track Seoulite [iTunes], which is the first part of the whole release.

First up, the emotional and soulful ballad Breathe (한숨).

— March 26, 2018 Edit —

Breathe was directed by Woogie Kim for GDW [1].

Next up, the playful 8-bit/Pixel art/Tumblr aesthetic Hold my Hand (손잡아 줘요). This probably looks pretty good on a smarthphone.

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  1. April 20, 2016

    […] dropped the second part of Seoulite [iTunes], following the releases of Breathe and Hold my Hand [1], with My Star which was written and composed by Teddy & […]

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