Misia – Soul Quest

Release date: July 27, 2011
Label: Sony Music Entertainment


  1. Soul Quest Overture
  2. This is Me
  3. Edge of This World
  4. 素晴らしいもの探しに行こう feat.MURO
    (In Search of a Wonderful Thing)
  5. 記憶 (Remembrance)
  6. 雨のソナタ (Rain Sonata)
  7. 君には嘘をつけない
    (I Can’t Tell You Lies)
  8. 真夏のカメレオン
    (Midsummer Chameleon)
  9. Maware Maware feat.M2J+Francis Jocky (Round and Round)
  10. Life in Harmony
  11. 明日へ (To Tomorrow)

Close your eyes. Let the rhythm take you there. What do you see?

Dramatic beauty. When I close my eyes and listen to Misia’s Soul Quest I see the beauty in melancholy. But that’s only one of the many places her music can take you. There are places filled with smiles when you listen to Manatsu no Chameleon. There’s inspirational places in songs like Maware Maware. Then there are beautifully tragic places in songs such as Kimi ni wa uso wo tsukenai. This is the quest for one’s soul made into an album.

I perceive Misia as one of those worldly artists that only plays music that comes from somewhere deep in a world of abstract shapes. Her music is inspired and varied. This album takes you from almost mainstream-like pop songs all the way to festivals of World Championship proportions. Her beautiful, melodious voice is just made for that kind of feeling.

I highly recommend this album.

Rating: ★★★★¾ 

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A Caribbean Islander who wants to fly. Criminal Justice graduate with a lot to say about social injustice. An eternal scholar. I want to know everything. I blame Disney for making me a total dreamer. My head is mostly in the clouds and I have background music in real life.

5 Responses

  1. yam magazine says:

    Please, instead of romaji in parenthesis, add English translation (even a rough Google one, with a bit of clean up will do ;D)

  2. ROXY says:

    @yam magazine, There. Much better. I managed to translate them all *proud of self* hehehe

  3. ROXY says:

    @amy, Absolutely~ My co-worker Keiko just fixed one of them xD

  4. Camiele says:

    This was a gorgeous write-up. I’m on the hunt for expanding my knowledge of Asian music. What I know of Japanese work comes from anime and what I know of Korean is mostly Kpop… unfortunately (I say that because it’s gone from just love to OBSESSION… ahem, anyway). This album seems like one of those pieces of art that will stay in your soul forever. That’s the kind of music I need to get in touch with.

    Thank you for this review. I’ve got more work to do… HaHa.

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