John Legend – You & I (Nobody In The World)

John Legend releases a music video for You & I (Nobody In The World), the fourth single from last year’s album Love in the Future.

The video was directed by Mishka Kornai from EVERDREAM and features women of all different shapes, sizes, ages and races. One woman inspects her pregnant belly, a girls gets her ears pierced, a boxer inspects a bloody broken nose, another woman cries as she removes her bra to reveal her mastectomy. Among the women shown the music video, you may be able to spot Legend’s wife Chrissy Tegen as well as Laverne Cox, who recently bcecame an Emmy nominee for her work on the first season of Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black.

The music video was created alongside a short documentary titled When I Look In The Mirror (view it here) and both are meant to act as a platform to raise awareness and increase engagement in the #OperationGirl Charity Challenge, aiming to bring together the best organizations in the world focused on empowering, educating and protecting the rights of women and girls. You can check out the website here.

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