David Tao featuring Crowd Lu – Brothers

Taiwanese singer composer David Tao has just released his 7th album titled Hello Goodbye (再見你好嗎), which features artists such as Sharon Kwan, Tanya Chua, and Crowd Lu [1] who performs two songs with Tao in the album, including this one. Titled Brothers (逗陣兄弟), the song and music video tells the story of the bond between two brothers — at a point, it’s stated “You are my Batman, I am your Robin; I will cover you, you will cover me. I am your Michael, you are my Jordan; like a trapeze artist, I will save you.

The music video was directed by someone named Lau (劉 — can’t make up the name) and Luo Xiao Bin (羅小賓).

Brothers is the fourth single off of Hello Goodbye following Yodeling (勿忘我) [MV], Blink of the Heart (一念之間) [MV], and Songs from Yesterday (上愛唱的歌) [MV].

Though Crowd Lu’s iconic image is used, he is never seen in the video as he’s serving his mandatory military service [1].

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  1. July 16, 2013

    […] Tao has just released his 7th album titled Hello Goodbye (再見你好嗎), which features artists … […]

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