Brown Eyed Girls – Kill Bill

My favorite Kpop girl group bias is back since… officially 2011, but they’ve released a track here and there [1][2][3][4][5][6][7], but they always tend to save the good stuff for their albums. I wasn’t particularly psyched about Recipe (레시피) [1], but it did seem to point that BEG was gonna go slightly back to their original style before all the Abracadabra [MV] madness happened, which means fans post-Abracadabra are  going to be complaining from this point on.

Anyway, my expectations of the comeback climbed right up the moment they posted [1] their tracklist, which not only contain movie references to Kill Bill… but also Goodfellas ;P which means BEG had been watching movies!! Better yet! The first official single was gonna be Kill Bill, and they teased with a very teasing teaser~~~ referring key visuals of the film, and even included a variation of the freaky whistle Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) haunted us with during the film.

The song, at least in the music video version, begins as an electro western blues cabarety type of song in stylish Kill Bill dramatic black and white, introducing each of the characters’ backstories- Ga-In is obviously playing The Bride (Uma Thurman) codename Mack the Knife (what does that even mean?), and JeA is definitely playing Elle Driver codename Bloody Blue Spider (hahahaha), while Narsha seems to be playing O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) codename S.A.K.U.R.A, and Miryo seems to be playing a Vernita Green (Vivia A. Fox) type of character (?) codename Guns ‘N Roses hahaha

It’s ridiculous and they know it, and they’re having so much fun with it alongside what seems to be [1] the work of Hwang Soo Ah. In the end it’s a lot of fun for me too, the ending is snort worthy because JeA is literally blunt.

The version uploaded in the Loen YouTube channel has subtitles, but I’m not feeling the lyrics, which apparently were co-written by Miryo alongside their longtime collaborator Kim Eana, while the song was co-composed by JeA alongside Lee Kyu Hyun [1].

Brown Eyed Girls’ 5th album is titled Black Box and it’s already available through iTunes, and will be available in YesAsia on August 1st.

Rumor has it that they’re switching Nega Network for full time work under Loen.

— EDIT August 2nd 2013 —

The Dance version of the video has been released.


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