JeA – While You’re Sleeping

Brown Eyed Girls’ leader (and eldest member) JeA has finally launched her first official solo debut after collaborating with MBLAQ’s G.O for Because You Sting (니가 따끔거려서) [MV] and for the soundtracks of the TV series Chuno (추노) [1], History of a Salaryman (샐러리맨 초한지) [1], and Padam Padam [1] late in 2011.

JeA’s solo EP, simply titled Just JeA, has just been released (and can be purchased from iTunes) follows solo material by her bandmates: Narsha’s NARSHA, GaIn’s Step 2/4, Miryo’s MIRYO AKA JOHONEY, and GaIn’s second solo EP Let’s Talk About S.

The first official music video of the album is While You’re Sleeping (그대가 잠든 사이), a sort of soaring power ballad with orchestra instrumentalization, which feature heavily in the music video and happened to remind me of Sting’s video for Shape of my Heart [MV], and a gospely touch by the end of it all. In terms of song, I like JeA’s sound as it is, but I just can’t help being bugged by those air intakes she does in this song in particular. And she does it all throughout the song, except in the last verse before the second chorus.

You can check out the lyrics at pop!gasa. You can probably check the lyrics to the whole EP once they’re posted on their JeA category.


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  1. March 5, 2014

    […] oficialmente desde… el 2011, sin embargo han estado lanzando canciones por ahí [1][2][3][4][5][6][7], aunque siempre guardan lo mejor para sus discos. No estaba muy emocionada […]

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