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Well, I think Julyssa is going to kill me. She knows I’m a big Brown Eyed Girls fan, so she’s been hyping me up with Miryo postings ever since it was announced that she’d (finally) have some solo stuff.

Now, as you probably know (or not) I have my own reservations towards rap in other languages, and though I usually dig Miryo’s rap in BEG songs, I wasn’t too sure how much I could take of Miryo’s rap in a solo song. At first listen, this didn’t work for me. I’ve had to assimilate to the song, but then again, that might not be a bad thing. After all, something like that happened to me with 2NE1’s I Am the Best, which ended up in my Top50 Songs of 2011. So… just saying.

A translation of the song is available at pop!gasa~

Dirty was co-composed with Ichiro Suezawa — whom you can follow on Twitter or check out his MySpace — and was directed by Zany Bros, who had previously worked with the likes of Secret, Jay Park, BEAST, and Aziatix.

In regards to the music video, I was surprised. After the teasers, I wasn’t expecting to laugh at all… it took a couple of replays and some awkward laughs when Miryo makes that hunky-man-boob jiggle a bit. I want to see that Making Of video just to see how many takes it took to shoot that part. LOL

Myrio’s solo album titled MIRYO aka JOHONEY is out now. You can get it on YesAsia.


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  1. ghost says:

    I think it’s interesting to see how different BEG members are from each other. Just comparing JeA to Miryo gives you a pretty clear contrast, then you add in Narsha and GaIn and you have all these different personalities and types of music.

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