Brown Eyed Girls – One Summer Night

I bet no one expected THIS song after the Teaser we got last week [clip].

Prepping for a new album, or at least a new digital single, Brown Eyed Girls are back after their mad successful Sixth Sense album with the release of One Summer Night (한 여름밤의 꿈), a ballad composed by Kim Baksa (The Moon Embraces the Sun) alongside BEG leader JeA, with lyrics by longtime collaborator, lyricist Kim Eana.

The simple video follows BEG member Narsha through a book of memories of a girl’s love story. ;P No spoilers.

Anyway, I can’t get over the anachronism of the concept of the video, LOL. It’s an anal thing to be worrying about considering they probably didn’t want to give the final “twist” away right away, BUT! If the notebook is really a record of memories, I wanted to be transported back in time. It had to do with the stylish fashion. xD

Also, am I the only one slightly bothered that the Teaser of the video had almost nothing to do with the actual MV, except for featuring the girl in the music video~~~ who, by the way, reminded me a lot of Min Hyorin from Sunny. xD No? Anyone? I think it’s the nose.

— EDIT —

I just checked the lyrics [popgasa], and I… think my mind is telling me it’s got sexy lyrics. LOL Kim Eana, oh you, little sneaky lyricist. There’s just something really titilating with the image of seeing with your fingertips. The video is totally misleading~ xD Now I want a dark shadowy and moody version of the video.

We don’t even need to show BEG, just glimpses and flashes of someone shot against all darkness with all those stylish blurry shots with depths of field that everyone on Vimeo loves to use… slowly revealing — but not too much — somebody’s body. xD There can be body-painting without being explicit xD then again, EVERYTHING is explicit on Korean TV. LOL


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