SXSW Korean Acts Showcase Dates

Today was the day! They finally announced the schedule for the 2014 South By Southwest showcases! I’ve compiled a list of all the Korean acts coming to SXSW this year, and set up a schedule for any other attendees of the festival.



Tuesday, March 11th

Elysium : 705 Red River Street

7:30 – Jambinai
8:30 – Nell
9:30 – Kiha & The Faces
10:30 – Crying Nut
11:30 – Idiotape
12:30 – Jay Park
1:30 – HyunA

Wednesday, March 12th

Lit Lounge Upstairs: 215 East 6th Street

9:00 – Hollow Jan

Buffalo Billiards: 201 East 6th Street

9:00 – YB

Thursday, March 13th

Flamingo Cantina: 515 East 6th Street

TBD – Jambinai

Icenhaurs: 83 Rainey Street

9:00 – Big Phony
10:00 – Glen Check
11:00 – Rock ‘N Roll Radio
12:00 – Love X Stereo
1:00 – No Brain

Friday, March 14th

Stephen F’s Bar: 701 Congress Avenue

9:00 – Big Phony

This list only includes the official SXSW showcases. Some of the bands have unofficial shows during the week as well, and as I get information on those, I’ll have another announcement up. For now, get your festival shoes on, and get planning!


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