Seremedy – Seasons Will Change

 I got this mail from Universal and I felt the need to share: A Swedish visual Kei band!

This is Seremedy. Today they released their first EP, Seasons Will Change.

According to Universal Seremedy is:

A young visual rock band that aims to shock the unilateral repetitive music market in the West with its androgynous and extravagant look. They combine the modern pop/metal sound with a two-sided view of the world. One is dark, heavy and aggressive melodic. The second is richer and happier.

Although the band only has existed for one year, they have already managed to play in Russia and has become a popular band in Japanese conventions in Sweden, such as UppCon in Uppsala and MeuwCon in Stockholm.

The 15-year-old guitarist and songwriter, Yohio, speaks Japanese and has been to Japan with the singer Seika and met with genre greats such as Kenzie (ANTI FEMINISM) and Hizaki from Versailles.

Japanese media has already drawn attention to the band with, among other things, a feature in one of the largest Japanese Visual Rock newspapers, Cure.

Their debut single Bulletproof Roulette was released March 11, 2011 and went straight into the top-list on iTunes.

Seremedy’s album is being released this fall.

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  1. Dani says:

    Some cultures just aren’t ment to mix. This is why Sweden needs more suicide bombers

  2. Yoru says:

    @Dani don’t be a asshole, thanks.

    Thanks for the post, I luv Seremedy : D I’ll be waiting for the exclusive interview

  3. Jenna says:

    O_o I….can’t say I’m a fan. I mean, good for them for trying, but Visual Kei is best left to the Japanese I think. Maybe if they mature more as a band they’ll get better, or they’ll grow on me, but till then…yeah….

    • amy says:

      @Jenna, how about if they were a nikkei band of visual kei abroad? xD

      • Jenna says:

        @amy, Maybe. The fact that they aren’t Japanese isn’t what I don’t care for about them, it’s more that I don’t feel their sound is as polished as it should be and the vocals don’t catch me. But, this brings up another point. Just like I wonder if manga can actually be called “manga” if it isn’t made in Japan, can Visual Kei still be Visual Kei if it’s made outside the country as well?

        • Mai says:

          @Jenna, they dont call themselves visual kei. Kei = Style in japanese. They call themselves visual style/rock. If you read or look at all their interviews you can see or hear that they never say visual kei about Seremedy.
          Besides, you know that Marilyn Manson is called visual kei by the japanese people? It is about the style, not where they come from. AND they was featured in the visual kei magazine CURE, so the answer to your question is yes. :)

  4. Darth Chimney says:

    I think this band is trying too hard..

    Without Yohio, they are a duplicate of Cinema Bizarre, but it really is a shame that his talent is invested on these lot – the only fix is for each member to improve their skill (I am against kicking band members out) and hoping their future material won’t sound like the current ones.

  5. Edward says:

    I don’t really agree with Darth. I’ve listened to all their music now, and yes Yohio is extremely talented, love his guitar style, but credit must be given to the rest of the band. They sound great. I look forward to Yohio’s solo release, he’s going to far with his music talent.

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