Adam Tensta – One Copy Song

Swedish rapper Adam Tensta shows us a very interesting way of sharing music. He explains it as follow:

Yesterday I pressed the button. The button that sent the ONLY copy of my new song Pass It On on a journey around the world. I want you guys to listen to it, but the thing is this, you can only listen to it ONE time before it gets passed along to the next person on the list.  You can follow where the song has been and sign up to get it passed to you.

The idea is to redefine the launch of a single. I think that is an interesting idea. The only issue I have with it is that it can only be done via Facebook — which is a damn pity, seeing as there are some countries that can’t access it.

If anything, this is really a very innovative way to start hype about a song. Also what a special way to share a song: only one person at a time can listen to it, once that person is done the song is passed to the next person in line. Somehow it’s like exchanging music in a very personal way.

At the moment my spot in the line is number 238, I’ve been stuck there almost all day. That is making me a little frustrated, the wait, but at the same time I will patiently do it, seeing as I now really want to hear the song. It hasn’t leaked so far so I am guessing many measures are being taken to keep it that way. Talk about taking the cake and eating it too, perhaps Tensta is on to something.

You can get in line to hear Pass it On via Adam Tensta’s Facebook page.


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