Geeks – Hangover + Where U Go

Korean hip-hop Geeks are ready to make a comeback with their second minialbum Hangover — which also is the name of their titletrack that they released today.

How appropriate seeing as I am currently writing this as I a nurse a hangover…  I don’t personally know that much about Geeks but I will for sure keep my eyes out for them. This song is good, the video is good and hey, it’s nice to listen to while being hangover. Cheers Geeks!

It’s a two for one special seeing as they also realsed the song Where U Go at the same time.

For now I am pretty much impressed and intrigued. Seems like Korea is up for a good hip-hop year with acts as Geeks, M.I.B and Phantom (whose album I am yearning for so bad), just to name a few. I think Korean indie and hip-hop is going to be the flavor of the year.


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