Unmasking the Big Phony: Interview With Bobby Choy

What is your favorite aspect of being a musician? Ie: Do you prefer writing music over performing?

Performing and writing have very different rewards for me. I sometimes loathe performing but see it as a necessary evil. Sometimes I really do enjoy it though but that’s rare. I still have yet to be 100% satisfied with a performance. They can depress the hell out of me too because I care too much about people’s impression of me. Probably why I’m still small time. Give me another 10 or 15 years or so and I’ll be a better performer, probably. Writing is more rewarding to me because I’m better at it than performing, at least in my eyes. I love that every decision I make when writing a song reflects years of decisions. I see my skill getting better and honed to my liking. I’m very picky. That’s probably my favorite aspect of being a musician. Recognizing the continuing growth with every song I write.

A lot of people compare you to Elliott Smith, is that a difficult comparison to live up to, or do you find it flattering? Is he someone you are a fan of?

Overall I welcome the comparison. Unfortunately I became a fan of his pretty late and never got to see him live or meet him before he passed. I get why people compare me to him but also I don’t. I haven’t really given it an abundance of thought honestly. Sometimes it makes it easier to explain to people what Big Phony sounds like I suppose. Sometimes it doesn’t because some people don’t know anything but what’s on the radio. Those people I secretly judge and despise, ha. One of the questions I dread the most from people by the way is “who do you sound like?” I usually say “Elliott Smith” to attempt to close the conversation and move on mostly. If they don’t know who he is sometimes I get stuck listing 10-20 names before I have to say “Jack Johnson” or “John Mayer”? That’s when I make it a note to wish bad things on the inquirer. That kind of thing usually fucks up my day.


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