Lita – Who Cares

Release Date: April 6th, 2011
Label: CJ E&M


  1. Who Cares [MV]
  2. Cry Melody
  3. Fever
  4. Be With Me
  5. High Enough
  6. Let Go

There’s a new face in the R&B/Dance scene in Korea. She’s fluent in Thai, Korean and English. And her name is Lita.

For a six-track mini-album, it sure packs a punch.  The album starts off with the catchy Who Cares?, a dance number that gets the listener pumping, and her vocals are so solid they drew me in right away. Cry Melody is a great R&B track with a bit of a progressive beat underlining the soulful vocals of Lita. Fever throws a little rap with BigTone and the slow mid-tempo doesn’t get boring because it’s carried by great vocals.

Be With Me is a lovely soul R&B ballad that is slow and sexy. It’s very reminiscent of 1990s R&B from the U.S. High Enough gets me dancing every time I hear it. The electronic beats are layered enough that the sound doesn’t get annoying, and they keep the auto-tune to a minimum so the dance track still has a human element left to it.  The album ends with the reggaeton dance track Let Go. It’s so rare to hear any artists working within these same genres at the same time in Korea. I really appreciate her originality and I think they actually spent decent time developing this album. Now, if only Korea would pay more attention to their solo artists.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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