Unmasking the Big Phony: Interview With Bobby Choy

Are there any musicians you would love to work with? Or venues you’d love to play?

In Korea? I wish I could lend my voice to an Idiotape track, perhaps someday. I really like those guys. Dguru of Idiotape is actually remixing a couple of the songs off my electronic album. That is if he hasn’t gotten bored of it already, haha. I think it’d be cool to play at a major festival like Ansan or Jisan. I’d love to play a venue that only holds 3-5 people. Like in a bathroom, a clean bathroom.

What has been your biggest challenge as a musician? Do you feel you’ve overcome it?

The drive has always been my biggest challenge. That and depression. This is my 9th year writing and performing as Big Phony. Most people in their right mind would give up after a few years, and they do God bless them. For me, it isn’t a choice though. I have to do this, even as I continue to be unsuccessful by most standards. It can be extremely depressing at times being aware of the sacrifices. My family most of all worries about me, all the time. I feel terrible that I’ve put them in that position. I think they understand that this is something I’m committed to seeing through though. Very very very few people get what I’m doing. Sometimes I’ll meet someone that does get it and it recharges me, truly.


Any last words to your fans, new and old?

Don’t let the world write your definition of happiness for you. You know yourself better than anyone. You know where you come from, and what you’ve overcome. You know what you’re capable of. Do things in your own time, but don’t be stubborn. Don’t follow other peoples dreams. That’s a waste of your life. Never look to me for advice or my opinion on anything outside of my music. What do I know?


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