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Of course, if S.M. Entertainment does show tangible interest in SM TOWN Peru, which begs the question — will its audience deliver?

It seems like Peru has become an attractive place for concerts. For the past couple of years a sector of the audience has proven that they care little about how much they dish for a concert. After all, the Jonas Brothers sold-out concert sported tickets for up to $500 USD — with an added sold-out extra date — and Justin Bieber sold tickets for up to $350USD.

How much would people make us pay for a Kpop extravaganza with so many artists?

There are many tricky logistics for an SM TOWN Peru concert. They need a humongous venue to try to make the tickets cheaper, but they also need to know they will be able to fill that venue. Our biggest venue is the Estadio Monumental, which holds a capacity of up to 80k people standing or 50k sitting [1], cutting it in half for the stage/backstage sectors, we would still need to fill 40k/25k spots of, hopefully not only Peruvian fans, but fans from across Latin America. The choosing of the perfect venue is material enough for another post, but one very important word comes to mind: VISA. A country that requires visas from its neighbors is bad business.

There’s also the sponsors — especially airlines, hotels and other forms of transportation — the budget, everything backstage and even merchandising and promotion. Whoever takes on the details of SM TOWN Peru is going to have to get a lot of work done, but man! It would probably be unforgettable with all the stress. LOL

The kinks of other K-Pop-related events also see the prospect of this one standing in limbo. Even though Big Bang has over 250k votes on Facebook, how many of those will actually make it to the concert? In terms of events, it’s all about delivering as an audience, only then can we worry about artists delivering to their audience. It’s a mutual relationship.

Talking serious business here, up to how much would you be willing to pay for an event like SM Town Peru?

How about other artists and their concerts?

What is that mark you’ve set for yourself? When would you say, “I love this group, but this is just too much money”?

Have you ever traveled to another country/province to see your favorite band live?


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  1. Rodrigo says:

    I think that if SM Town analyzes South America and really wants to put a show there, their safest bet should be Brazil (either Rio or SP), despite Peru having the most amount of votes and begging around the Internet.

    • amy says:

      @Rodrigo, Brazil is a good pick in terms of country availability. I don’t think many (if any) neighboring countries need visas to get it, and they’ve got the venues.

      But in terms of Kpop, despite the amount of votes for Big Bang, it seems their events and activities are relatively smaller. Sure, Peru may be louder and it’s still at odds on whether or not it can deliver…

      I wonder how many Peruvian Kpop fans would fly to Brazil for the concert, and how that compares to the Brazilian Kpop fans that would fly to Peru for the same event.

      Have you been to any concerts outside the country? xD Or you know… chase after someone?

      • Mirella says:

        @amy, I rather doubt many Peruvian Kpop fans will go to Brazil for the concert. Why? As far as I have seen, many (not all, but maaaaaaaaaaaany) Kpop fans here are teenage girls and hardly any of them have a job (or a rich permissive dad) that makes a ticket to Brazil and a show a reality they can afford :P

  2. Julili says:

    I didn’t know that other Latin countries needed visas to get in to Peru. That puts a damper on it all.

    Are all other Latin countries the same? I feel like Brazil would be a bit far fetched. I doubt that it’s like here in EU, were you can travel cheap between the Eu countries if you need to.

    • amy says:

      @Julili, they don’t. But many Latin countries need visas to get into Mexico. ;)

      I think most South American countries don’t need visas to get into each other, it’s different with Central American, and def. Mexico.

  3. ghost says:

    The most noticeable Latin American countries into Kpop are Mexico, Brazil and Peru, right? You can’t really make the concert outside those three because you can’t just rely on people traveling into another country to fill up a venue.

    Mexico used to require visas from a lot of Latin American countries, but apparently since last year, if you have a US visa, you can enter Mexico regardless of where you’re from. But that’s counting people have a US visa… if you don’t have one, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia are out.

    I don’t know about Peru or Brazil. But Mexico doesn’t look good.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, true. You can’t make the concert in a country that’s not already into Kpop. Though, I think Colombia has a few fans, I have no idea if they are as many as the others though. Definitely easier to see the fans in Mexico, Brazil and Peru.

      For Peru, the ones that need visas are Costa Rica, Cuba (well, this one is a given), El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama… apparently, also Mexico – due to bilateral treatment (we need a visa, so they need a visa). However, I remember that there was a whole issue on that, and the government supposedly back down on that.

      But the rest can get in due to the Comunida Andina passport or something like that. You know, like the European Union but less cool… and less complicated money problems. LOL

      If anyone wants to share their Brazil visa knowledge, be my guest. xD

    • amy says:

      @ghost, oh look!

      According to this list of the Brazilian Consulate in San Francisco, countries like Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and some other countries are exempted from a visa…

      but! it does seem to be more countries require it to enter than Peru.

  4. monchamonroy says:

    Yo soy de México y para mi es mas viable viajar a Peru por ver un Concierto de Kpop que a Brasil, creo que logisticamente es mejor opcion Peru :)

  1. January 26, 2014

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