f(x) – Pinocchio

Release date: April 20, 2011
Label: SM Entertainment


  1. 피노키오 (Danger) [MV]
  2. 빙그르 (Sweet Witches)
  3. Dangerous
  4. Beautiful Goodbye
  5. Gangsta Boy
  6. 아이 (Love)
  7. Stand Up!
  9. So Into U
  10. Lollipop (feat. SHINee)

Most of the time I find myself utterly confused with f(x). Besides their name, their style is wacky and so is their music. All of their title tracks have yet to make sense. The lyrics are very interesting and weird, to say the least. Yet again, I might be the one not getting it, there might be some amazing message behind all the wackiness.

F(x) now released their first full-length album and I must say that is one little mess of an album. Not in a bad sense, more the fact that so many different music styles are being thrown my way — I feel a bit lost. Variety is good, variety keeps things moving. You are likely not to get bored if variety is thrown in to the mix. But f(x)’s variety just gives me a headache. It might be that their label doesn’t really know where to go with the group so they keep trying different stuff? I’m not sure.

The album has grown on me during this week. At first I utterly detested it, but after listening to it some times, I’m digging it. I swear to god, SME has subliminal messages in their tracks — you end up liking every song they make regardless of what you listen to. That or I might have become an SME zombie without noticing it.

We shall see where f(x) is heading. Right now it feels like they are speeding ahead with no real goal. I think that the only positive thing I can find about this album is how it is age appropriate; f(x) consists of young women between the ages of 16 to 23, in that aspect the content of the album fits. The songs are cute without it being overly sugary, they are playful yet cool.

While writing this I think I’m grasping what f(x) is all about, hmm, food for thought.

Best track(s): Lollipop, Beautiful Goodbye, 피노키오 (Danger)
Best “weird” track: Gangsta Boy

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

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  1. January 28, 2014

    […] have a busy summer ahead of them. Just two months ago they released their first full-length album Pinocchio. Now they are coming out with a repackaged version of it that consists of some of their old singles […]

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