Fly on Over: Interview with Love X Stereo

As with all of the other acts that I saw at SXSW this year, this was my first time experiencing Love X Stereo live. I can honestly say that they are fantastic as a live band. They are perfectly in-synch and each note is played to perfection. If you add all of that together with the kinetic energy and on-stage presence of lead singer, Annie Ko, you get an animated and high-energy performance each and every time. I was happy to be able to interview them in between gigs while in Austin this year.

First, will you do us a favor and introduce yourselves and your roles in the band?

Annie: Hi, I’m Annie, I’m vocalist and synthesizer player
Toby: Toby, guitarist.
Sol: Hi, I’m Sol, I’m bass player.

With this being your second tour in the US, what are you hoping to accomplish this time, that you might not have on your last trip?

Toby: I want to meet more people than the last tour so we can pursue more business, in terms of music business.


You said before that you get a better response to your music here in the US, than you do in Korea, have you considered marketing yourselves more exclusively here, or moving to the US to pursue your music? 

Toby: Yeah
Sol: Sure, yeah. I want to live here. I love it here. I want to live (in the) US, here, business here, fans here.

Having gone through so many changes as a unit do you think you’ve finally hit your groove as a band, or do you think you’ll continue to evolve.

Toby: I want to develop more.
Annie: Yeah, we’re still trying, experimenting, and still finding out our distinct sound.


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