Fly on Over: Interview with Love X Stereo

What is one thing you wish people (either in Korea or outside of it) would understand about Korean indie music?

Toby: That there is something more than K-Pop, the bands in Korea, there are very few that want to try out their music outside of Korea.
Annie: So if we can be the pioneers, or something like that, then the people will know Korean music through us, it might be better.

What’s been your favorite part of the festival so far?

Sol: 6th street.

All of 6th street?

Sol: yes. & Peelander Z
Annie: Peelander Z!
Sol: So fun!
Toby: I want to stick around more. I’m still jet-lagged.
Annie: And for me: trade show.

The Trade show?

Annie: I got a BUNCH of t-shirts.


Annie: for free!

Do you have any words for our readers, or your fans?

Annie: We’re still on the road of making & developing our music. We’re still trying to come more often for tours, so if you ever see us on the list or something, we hope we can see you guys here more often.

Thanks to Love X Stereo for their time, and if you have a chance to see them in your city, don’t miss the opportunity. They’re back in Korea for now, but they have more plans to tour the US again – so keep your eyes peeled!


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