Beginner’s Guide to Mamamoo

I’ve been on a writing slump for a while (partly due to Mamamoo’s blocking my attempts at adulting), so it’s only fair that I try to get over this drop in productivity with Mamamoo content.

Officially celebrating their anniversary as a group on June 19th [they turned 4 this year]; this girl group is made up by leader and main vocalist Solar (’91), main rapper Moonbyul (’92), lead vocalist Whee-in (’95) and sub-vocalist and lead rapper Hwasa (’95).

I have been a self-proclaim Moomoo (what their fans are known as) since early 2016, have gone back to full K-pop mode and haven’t felt the need to look back. Since then? I have bought -almost- all of their albums; I have the Purple and Mint editions of Purple, Moosical on DVD AND Bluray, Solgam on tape AND -incoming- LP, and two Moonbyul Kihno Kits because I couldn’t stand the idea of having a one-smartphone-linked kit.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also have a radish onesie “buried” deep in my closet; and Mamamoo made me buy my first ever lightstick. It’s a Moobong 1.0 to boot. I’m deep DEEP in the rabbit hole, and I just keep digging.

So, to celebrate Mamamoo’s 2018 Four Season Four Colors project— the new heights reached by Yellow Flower, and the upcoming release of Red Moon on July 16th; I have decided to put together the ultimate guide to Mamamoo. This is called Beginner’s Guide to Mamamoo, but it’s really the Beginner’s Guide to Being a Moomoo. [Note: For the Moomoo Bible, refer back to MamamooTrans and MoomooSubs archives.]

Instead of only choosing 10 tracks of what everyone thinks are the most essential title tracks; I have put together a really long list divided by theme.

10. The Early Features

  • Ft. Bumkey – Don’t Be Happy (행복하지마) [MV]
  • Ft. Geeks – Heeheehaheho (히히하헤호) [1]
  • Ft. K.Will + Wheesung – Peppermin Chocolate (썸남썸녀) [MV]
  • Ft. eSNa – Ahh Oop!
  • Ft. eSNa – Gentleman [1]
  • Basick – Stand Up [MV]


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