Beginner’s Guide to Mamamoo


  • Love & Hate (구차해) [1]
  • Girls Next Door – Deep Blue Eyes [MV]
  • Ft. Seulgi – Selfish
  • In My Room [MV]


  • Solar Emotion Project
  • Luna + Hani – Honey Bee [MV]
  • Kiggen – Cloudy (흐림) [MV]
  • HEECHUL, Shindong, Eunhyuk – Charm of Life (짬에서 나오는 바이브) [MV]


  • Jungkey – Anymore (부담이 돼)
  • Jeff Bernat – Da Ra Da (다라다) [1]
  • Shadow (그림자) [MV]
  • Ft. Sik-K – Easy [MV]

But, I mean~ have you put together a playlist like this:

  1. Kiggen ft. Solar – Cloudy
  2. Mamamoo – Rainy Season (장마)
  3. Jungkey ft. Wheein – Anymore
  4. Moonbyul – In My Room
  5. Hwasa – Be Calm

1. The Legendary B-Sides

Legendary stage is legendary, of course.

Mamamoo are so much more than just title tracks, and anyone just listening to singles are surely missing out on gems like- half of Melting. LOL Or non-title tracks of Yellow Flower. Decalcomanie may be the single that deserved all the awards and popularity when it first came out, but I may love Recipe just a tiny bit more.

  • I Miss You [1]
  • Words Don’t Come Easy (우리끼리)
  • Funky Boy [1]
  • Cat Fight (고양이) [1]
  • Recipe (나만의) [MV][1]
  • Memory (그리고 그리고 그려봐) [MV]
  • Finally [1]
  • Paint Me (칠해줘) [MV]
  • Rude Boy [1]
  • Spring Fever (봄타) [1]

“That’s it” LOL Did I overdo it? Yes, I did. But how am I suppose to choose just 10 songs without feeling I’m leaving one behind? I mean, I dare you all to just suggest 10 songs. I bet no one can.


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