Amy’s 2018 Music Highlights

Another year gone by. It’s been a quiet year for the music I’ve listened to. Even though I listened to a lot of new songs and groups, pushing for 175 items heard… doing my math, a bit over 50% of those were just single releases. I was shocked. This is probably the lowest amount of albums I’ve listened to in a single year in a long time. Despite having problems cutting down tracks for a clear Top50 Songs of 2018 list.


Let’s start with the bonus~~~

Mamamoo 4 Season x 4 Color

Even though I do have a preferred Season release — and technically, Wheein’s White season isn’t out — I have decided not to play favorites and highlight Mamamoo‘s 4 Season x 4 Color project developed to showcase members’ qualities.

Starting the year with a warm mellow Hwasa’s Yellow Flower for spring, followed by a warm (though quite chaotic) Moonbyul’s Red Moon for summer, and leading to a soothing autumn with Solar’s Blue;s; Mamamoo has managed to showcase a different color palette throughout the year to fit the erratic seasonal change.

You can listen to all their albums on iTunes and Spotify, but do remember that artists make the most profit from physical sales.

Now, onto the list~~~

10. Yahyel – Human / Dirty Projectors – Lamp Lit Prose

I discovered Dirty Projectors some years ago when they collaborated with Bjork on Mount Wittenberg Orca. I have been enjoying their music ever since.

Though you can find Lamp Lit Prose in your favorite music service, Domino has a beautiful red and blue vinyl. I just bought that.

To complement Dirty Projector’s sound, we reach out to Japan’s yahyel alternative electronica in Human.

The album can be purchased through iTunes and Spotify.


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