Beginner’s Guide to Mamamoo

9. The OSTs

  • Girl Crush
  • Woo Hoo (기대해도 좋은 날) [MV]
  • Love [1]
  • Double Trouble Couple [MV]

8. Immortal Songs

The Moomoo essential viewing, to be honest. So I didn’t cut anything.

  • Wait a Minute (잠깐만) [1]
  • Flying Deep into the Night (깊은 밤을 날아서) [1]
  • Passion Flower (정열의 꽃) [1]
  • The Road to Sampo (삼포로 가는 길) [1]
  • Delilah (딜라일라)
  • Backwoods (두메산골) [1]
  • Love Story of a Girl (어느 소녀의 사랑이야기) [1]
  • Wonderful Confession (황홀한 고백) [1]
  • You Are Always by my Side (언제나 그대 내 곁에) [1]
  • You in my Faded Memories (흐린 기억 속의 그대) [1]
  • Love (사랑) [1]
  • The Dance in Rhythm (리듬 속의 그 춤을) [1]
  • Violet Fragrance (보라빛 향기) [1]

You are welcome.

7. Other People’s Medleys + Covers

  • Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook (유희열의 스케치북)
    • Sexy Medley – 10 Minutes + One More Time + 미쳤어
    • Innocent Girl Group Medley (청순 걸그룹 메들리) [1]
  • Music Bank’s #1 Songs Remix (1위곡 리믹스) [1]
  • Gloomy Coincidence (우울한 우연) [1]

6. For Moomoos

As a new Moomoo, you’ll hear the story of how the tear-jerking Never Letting Go (놓지 않을게) came to be; how a fan event showing a promise of “never letting go” got the waterworks going, unleashing tears at EVERY.SINGLE.FAN.EVENT. [1][2][Solar Bonus]

  • Love Lane
  • Sting [1]
  • Hometown (고향이) [MV]
  • Never Letting Go (놓지 않을게) [MV]
  • Star Wind Flower Sun (별 바람 꽃 태양) [MV]


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