Amy’s 2017 Music Highlights


They’ve done something wonderful, indeed~

You can get WE’VE DONE SOMETHING WONDERFUL on iTunes, or get a physical copy on YesAsia.

6. IU – Palette / A Flower Bookmark 2 (꽃갈피 둘)

What a freaking year for IU, to be honest. Every single that she released this year, hit #1 — Through the Night (밤편지) [MV], Can’t Love You Anymore (사랑이 잘) [1] with HYUKOH, Palette [MV] with G-Dragon, and EPIK HIGH’s collab for Love Story (연애소설) [1]. The only single that didn’t seem to have made #1 was her cover of Sleepless Rainy Night (잠 못 드는 밤 비는 내리고) [MV] because IU was battling herself out. LOL

She’s pretty great in A Flower Bookmark 2 (꽃갈피2) [YouTube], which is a follow-up cover album, with the highlight of Last Night Story (어젯밤 이야기) [MV], but her crowning glory is Palette which is a much more unique album than Modern Times, and much more accomplished than Chat-Shire, which was as great-sounding.

You can get both albums on iTunes [1][2], as well as physical copies on YesAsia [1][2].

5. Stefanie Sun (孫燕姿) – A Dancing Van Gogh (No.13 作品 : 跳舞的梵谷)

I keep saying it time and time again~ music albums should be pieces that have a beginning, a middle and an end. I’ve been taught that they should feel like a whole, and never like a compilation of the best tracks I’ve released in the past couple of years, which is how much music is being released lately. So I have a lot of respect for Stefanie Sun who, in a recent interview, stated that she’s “proud” of the achievement of making an album that feels whole. And that she thinks it’s fine whether or not people like it because art is “a very subjective thing,” and that not liking something doesn’t subtract from what she’s trying to do.

Even more so because she fought to make A Dancing Van Gogh [MV] the lead single despite the fact that “six out of 10 hated it,” and the other four didn’t feel it. LOL Geez~ the song IS a piece of art, and it isn’t the only great track in the album.

There’s only a couple of the songs available on YouTube, tho, so it’ll have to do~

You can get a physical copy of A Dancing Van Gogh on YesAsia, or download it through iTunes or KKBox. It should also be available on your streaming service of choice~

4. La Vida Boheme – La Lucha

Continuing with the theme of “whole albums;” here we have Venezuelan band La Vida Boheme who take it one step further by actually finishing a trilogy album that started in 2011 with Nuestra [YouTube], following in 2013 with Sera [YouTube], and finishing it of with this year’s La Lucha; literally spelling out “Ours Will Be the Fight,” also marking three different sounds and themes in the band’s music.

You can get the three albums on iTunes [1][2][3], or get physical copies [digipack] on Amazon [1][2][3].


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  1. Jara says:

    Nice to read something from you again, Amy :)

  2. oh wow, Ding Wei sounds really interesting. need to check her music out…
    darn it I’ve been trying to write at least a review of The Villainess for here, but life/retail work has got in the way…

    will still get the music post in sometime after Christmas.

    my Puerto Rican relatives were all sharing the Latin Grammys performance of Residente’s “Hijos del Cañaveral ” he can be here and there on many issues but his heart is sincerely with Borinquen

    • amy says:

      Your music sharing is always welcome post-Xmas or NYE ^^

      Residente wears his boricua on his sleeve :P I really admire his whole ‘going global’ with the music he’s making, though. His last two albums have been musically all over the place, literally.

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