Conversations Between Two Slash Fangirls

YAM Magazine got two fans of slash fiction to talk about what they like about it, and how they got started.

Their identities are being protected with sad screen names.

forever.alone: Hey!
forever.delusional: hello. are u ready to roll?
forever.alone: yup. Ok, so let’s see- where do we start?
forever.delusional: we are going to talk about why we like slash fanfics, what about them makes us tingle-tingle if u know what I mean haha
forever.alone: I think it is mainly because I can use my imagination more :P
I actually stumbled upon slash fanfiction by accident. Almost a day after I stumbled into fanfiction
forever.delusional: hahaha
forever.alone: Back in 1997 :P
forever.delusional: that’s so funny, because when I started with fanfiction, slash was not even on my agenda
HP was my first fanfiction journey
forever.alone: Really? HP came later for me.
forever.delusional: and there I was hardcore in to Harry/Hermione
forever.alone: Oh, by the time I got to HP fandom, I was already a slasher XD
forever.delusional: but what made you a slasher?
forever.alone: Completely by accident — I misunderstood the warnings on the fic. Read one when I was searching for RPF (real person fiction) about certain rock band XD
forever.delusional: ah
forever.alone: I didn’t understand what was happening until it clicked… and I was oooooh. And I stopped.
forever.delusional: lol and then?
forever.alone: And then I started over, and I enjoyed it. So much more than the other fanfics in the same site about that band
forever.delusional: for me… wow I don’t think I remember reading my first slash, but I bet it went something like yours.
forever.alone: Yeah, I said to myself… if there’s fic about this band, what about the other ones?
And lo and behold… hello
forever.delusional: omggggg I was also there!
forever.alone: back when you could still read the raccy fanfics there XD
forever.delusional: all those fics dude! I spent an entire summer holed up in my room, reading fics
forever.alone: lol, that’s still me… sadly.
Darkfics and angstfics… they depress me but I still read ’em
forever.delusional: I mostly read sexual fics *cough*
forever.alone: lol PWP (plot? what plot?)?
forever.delusional: *cough cough* naw, the band I read fics about, they have one of the most devoted if not talented writers out there. We are talking HP quality here. I read mostly one-shots, but as of late I don’t read that much. I have lost some of the passion. Plus, I need to remind myself to live more and stop fantasizing about men doing it with each other *cough*
which leads me to ask, do you know why you love it? The whole slash thing?
forever.alone: I would say, hot men, but I would be lying
forever.delusional: yeah… me I’m not so sure
forever.alone: Many of my pairings are not that hot by usual standards XD I think it’s mostly the dynamic and the drama.
forever.delusional: I know it was something about seeing these two hot men have a certain attraction towards each other
and wanting to pair them up with each other
because for some reason it was super hot
but then…. I dunno haha
forever.alone: I like my men interesting rather than just hot. But of course hot men are a plus too XD
forever.delusional: but if the tables were turned
say that it was 2 women
would u still read it?
forever.alone: I have read femslash too. Don’t search for it.
But when I find it, I read it
forever.delusional: I have read a little
but it was kind of the same thing
a band of girls
and 2 girls having a form of attraction
there was something in the air as they say,
and me wanting them to be together
forever.alone: If it’s well written I’ll read it XD
forever.delusional: it’s like a sick form of a fairytale or something haha
forever.alone: A good writer can sell me anything XD
forever.delusional: that’s true
forever.delusional: makes me wonder why so many people are in to writing slash
Is it because it’s a different dynamic…
I mean, in the fandom I follow, they all write these boys with each other
forever.alone: Many of the slash writers are female
forever.delusional: you never ever see them writing them with a girl. I wonder if it is because they don’t want to fantasise them with another woman but themselves… hmm
forever.alone: lol oh Mary Sues

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  1. Rodrigo says:

    Lol, I figured out already who is who. :P

  2. 2minlover says:

    i figured out who is forever.delusional, don’t know who’s the other one =)

  3. amy says:

    someone is too transparent xD

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