Confessions of a Slash Writer

I stumbled upon fanfics quite by accident one day, looking for pictures of Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton — the actors who play Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. I typed “Harry and Draco” on Google and the first thing to come up was fanfiction.

Fan fiction? What the hell is this?” – clicks –

I was addicted with the first story — I read Harry/Draco fanfics for a long time after that.

A few months later, my friend Sahar introduced me to Kpop. Again, I was addicted right away. One day I got into a discussion with her. She asked if I had ever read any Kpop fanfics — I hadn’t. It felt weird to read Kpop fanfics because they were stories written about real people. Harry and Draco were fictional characters, so I didn’t feel like I was intruding in their lives. Sahar told me that I didn’t write fanfics because I couldn’t write fanfics. This circle of conversation went on for about a month.

My very first fanfic started out as a conversation with Sahar and a few other people on MSN. Again, I didn’t really feel like doing it. So when she again said I couldn’t, I started describing an idea I had. When I first got into Kpop Super Junior was my favorite band, so I decided it would be weird to write about them since they were real people. Instead, I picked a group that I liked but didn’t know a lot about. It seemed like most people wrote fanfics about Dong Bang Shin Ki anyway.

In my first story called “Shifting Fortunes,” Jaejoong leaves his rich family and lives at a work farm next to poor men. He learns that self-respect doesn’t come from money or family status, and he finds love in Yunho. Of course, after talking about it, I had to write it. So I did.

I received such amazing reviews on the story and my writing, so I kept writing and writing and writing. In order to write better stories, I started watching DBSK videos and appearances on programs.

I do write normal fiction stories — at least I used to. Writing fanfiction is so much easier because your characters are already established and you already have a fanbase. One of the hardest things to do when writing a story or a novel is to make the reader care about the characters. You don’t want your reader to think, “okay, whatever, make that guy die.” When you write fanfiction, your readers already care about the character. You still need the basic skills of creating a believable plot and setting, but I’ve learned that a writer can put these characters they care about into any situation and the reader will love them.

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It is almost like an addiction now. I’ve been told many times that I’m one of the best fanfic writers in the DBSK writing world, but I don’t know about that. I write because it’s fun and because I crave the comments from my readers.

I no longer feel weird about writing fanfic stories about real people. Then again, I think that’s because Yunho and Jaejoong once admitted to reading them. They did not seem upset about it. I consider that silent permission.

This post was written by be_ddelusionall. If you want to read her fanfics then you can visit her livejournal.

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  1. c0rin says:

    I’ve been told many times that I’m one of the best fanfic writers in the DBSK writing world <- You are, I love your works and hope you continue writing be it dbsk or original fic. :)

  2. 2minlover says:

    Okay, all your readers should thank your friend Sahar for introducing this amazing world of Kpop and fanfictions. So, Thank you, Sahar!

    I’m your reader (coughjournalstalkercoughcough) and you should know that your writings are awesome! You definitely make us, readers, to care about all your carachters, wether it’s a protagonist or antagonist, and I know it’s true for many readers, since I usually read the comments. Also, everyone wants to leave an opinion about your fic, spotting your newly added fics like really fast, even though you never ask for comments and everyone wants you as a friend, even though you never lock you fics. I do believe you are one of the best fic-writers (I have read, lets say, a lot of them and can compare) whether it’s in DBSK fandom or any other.

    So, can’t wait for your new fics!!

    /bunny hugsss/

  3. attentionseekin says:

    i always read your fanfics, but now this post has made me want to read your original characters also.
    because i know your an awesome writer, i’m sure that you will be able to make me care for your characters as you are so good at evoking emotions.
    and since i’m been reading your work for over a year (may


    • attentionseekin says:

      be even longer than that, i’ll pretty much read anything you write.
      in fact reading your fictions has made me realise that in fiction almost anything is ok… like seriously lol

      (sorry for two messages sorry page refreshed…)


  4. nuhcuys says:

    omo… you wrote dbsk because you didnt know a lot about them??!!! hahahhahahaha… that was kinda weird..hehehehe

    but yes!! you are the one of the best fanfic writers!!! and you are actively writing make you the best… i was and am micah’s fan (i hope you know her)… but she was disappear almost a year… hehehe…

  5. miroticized says:

    Most definitely one of the best fanfic writers in DBSK world. :)

  6. stmerry says:

    “I’ve been told many times that I’m one of the best fanfic writers in the DBSK writing world, but I don’t know about that.”
    i am definitely agree with whoever say this to you.

  7. samui_sakura says:

    I LOVE YOU~!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re my Master… >/////<
    Hence you are indeed the best!!!

  8. ramapi says:

    “I’ve been told many times that I’m one of the best fanfic writers in the DBSK writing world”
    You are the first writer of the fanfiction world , that i cam upon .. i have learned soo much from you ,that i could say changed my life ..
    Be proud of your self ,cause i am baby..
    *hugs you tightly & passes coffee *

  9. Camiele says:

    Wow. I defintely stumbled upon this piece while trying to get reference on how to post pictures for literature features, and now that I know how you got started, the only thing I can do is bow down at your feet in reverance. Your work, my dear, is phenomenal. Not only is it the fastest way to lose weight (from the massive fluid loss), it’s incredibly well written, well composed work.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! You’re a real star, my friend.

    By the way, I was just introduced to your work two days ago…HaHa. I’m already a raging fan!

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