Conversations Between Two Slash Fangirls

forever.delusional: I’ve noticed that’s mostly fanservice that turns people into slashers
so was the deal for me
forever.alone: oh yeah XD
forever.delusional: because the fandom I follow is a band
forever.alone: Specially since lately bands like to play fanservice-y too
forever.delusional: yeah
it’s like everyone is going crazy for the gay
forever.alone: all hugging and stuff
forever.delusional: it’s funny
I would love to say it’s cus we need to get laid more
but I’m pretty sure it’s more deeper than that
like we have some thing in our brains that make us go loony when 2 guys embrace
forever.alone: 2 hot guys embrace XD
I remember talking to a friend who told me “you see gay in everthing
forever.delusional: so do I…
forever.alone: and that he was glad that I didn’t slash my friends — him included.
forever.delusional: omg I couldn’t slash my friends
that’s just so weird
forever.alone: And I was like “nah, I only slash dudes I find attractive
He was like “you’re mean!
forever.delusional: hahah
forever.alone: But I do have a friend, a bisexual girl, who does slash her friends XD
forever.delusional: I stopped reading fics for a little while because the fandom I folllow
well, they are real people, you know
forever.alone: of course
forever.delusional: so I somehow felt wrong for using them in my sexual fantasies
but I got over it really quickly haha
forever.alone: lol, yeah… makes me feel guilty when I read RPS…
forever.delusional: It’s so funny, I just found out about a publishing company that only publishes male gay erotica
I’m going to give it a shot
to see if I’m really into slash
or if it’s just the fandom I follow
cus that can be a little tricky sometimes
forever.alone: oooooh.
forever.delusional: I’m so damn picky
forever.alone: True
Well, I guess it also depends on the writer…
forever.delusional: that’s true
forever.alone: I have a friend, Brazilian, who writes HP slashfiction…
and she recently published an online book about gay erotica
I like it a lot XD
forever.delusional: sometimes I find myself reading slash about the band I follow
but when reading,
I don’t see the members’ faces
it’s more like a smoke mirror or something
it’s more the characters of what we think they are
more than what they really are
it’s so damn complex haha
forever.alone: yup
forever.delusional: aww well
I guess there’s no real answer to this question
unless we do some kind of experiment where they check our brains as we read slash
or go to a shrink to have them analyse us haha
forever.alone: Hot guys + complex relationship = ho yay?
forever.delusional: hot guys + sex up the butt = win?
no clue
forever.alone: XD

Have you ever read slash fiction?

Are you a fan of slash fiction?

3 Responses

  1. Rodrigo says:

    Lol, I figured out already who is who. :P

  2. 2minlover says:

    i figured out who is forever.delusional, don’t know who’s the other one =)

  3. amy says:

    someone is too transparent xD

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