Conversations Between Two Slash Fangirls

Slash Writers' Meetup

forever.delusional: I know like 2 male slash writers
and they are gay
forever.alone: I know male slash writers, and yeah, most of them are gay… and the ones who aren’t are bi
forever.delusional: interesting
I think I enjoy reading slash because it’s in part a little bit taboo
and in part because there is another dynamic between 2 people that are of the same sex
forever.alone: well, it’s not something I can talk about at dinnertime. nope :P
forever.delusional: like 2 dudes getting it on is so UMPH somehow
forever.alone: yeah. It is :D
forever.delusional: it’s like hard and rough and *cough*
I don’t know, I just love it haha
forever.alone: XD What’s not to love
forever.delusional: not like I love to get it up the butt, cus I don’t, that hurts
but reading about it heheheh
although if I got to be reborn, I would love to be a gay man
a topping gay man *cough*
forever.alone: Oh, I thought that too XD
In fact, once I dreamt I was a gay guy having sex
as a top of course
I’ve been a slashgirl for 13 years now… and I don’t think I’ll ever stop
forever.delusional: I’m such a rookie- hardly 5 years, I think
forever.alone: but there are also supernova fandoms… that shiny brightly and powefully for just a moment
specially anime fandoms and movie fandoms…
forever.delusional: I don’t do any of those
sometimes I can read a fic if I’ve seen a movie or a series or an anime
where a pairing has caught my eye
and I wish to indulge in some more
but that’s really seldom
the fandom I follow right now… sh!t I just can’t stop
it’s like a drug
forever.alone: whoa
My latest fandom has been Thor
forever.delusional: so I’ve seen
is it the movie or something else?
forever.alone: Well I have read the comics, but the old school ones that were campy fun XD
And I knew no more of Thor until after Civil War stuff…
But the movie rekindled it XD
forever.delusional: ah
forever.alone: It’s just that… man, those guys were also hot XD
forever.delusional: loool
forever.alone: Dude, I think every hot-blooded girl in [name of country] wanted to see half-naked Thor XD
forever.delusional: hahahhaa
u guys horny for them Nordic gods?
forever.alone: I mean, that scene was totally unnecessary
it was just pure fanservice!

3 Responses

  1. Rodrigo says:

    Lol, I figured out already who is who. :P

  2. 2minlover says:

    i figured out who is forever.delusional, don’t know who’s the other one =)

  3. amy says:

    someone is too transparent xD

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