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I like this, I like this a lot! The Dark Knight Location Travel Guide courtesy of Empire Magazine!

And Empire keeps delivering the TDKR goods, with a quite interesting interview of Anne Hathaway about Catwoman. And they asked her to compare her Selina/Catwoman to Michelle Pfeifer’s:

I think that Catwoman depends on the Gotham City she lives in. The characterisation of her is informed by the world around her. So what I sought to do with my Selina was make her part of Christopher Nolan’s Gotham, just as I thought Michelle Pfeiffer’s was very brilliantly a part of Tim Burton’s.

Nice save, girl!

Also, Avengers blu-ray will get a short movie called Item 47, where some SHIELD agents have to stop a modern Bonnie and Clyde, who used a discarded Chitauri gun to rob banks. That sounds quite awesome.

And then, the first official concept art for Iron Man 3 was released. And damn, it looks awesome. Go Tony!

I cannot wait for the San Diego Comic-con news!

In sorta related news, Marvel relaunches some titles after the Avengers vs. X-Men event. So did they write themselves into a corner or was it premeditated?

It’s not hype when we say that AvX is the culmination of a lot of stories we’ve done over the last several years. Characters are redeemed or not. Characters are changed. The X-Men and the Avengers are both repositioned for the future. What better time to shake things up?

Whatever you say, Mr. Alonso. Either way, I am excited! Even Jean-Grey is back! Yes, I know she is kinda boring, but she’s still an iconic character. Sorta.

And then… some awesome article about why Kid Loki deserves a movie. Hell yes, he does! But maybe an animated one. It will be difficult to find a child actor who can kick ass as much as he does, althought the kid who played Loki as a child in Thor was cute. But, come on! Animation! Disney owns Marvel now! Get on it!

Talking about Hiddles (everything Loki is Hiddles related now!), that Wimbledon thing he went to? There are still aftershocks… here’s a video of him slaying all rivals at ping-pong (or table tennis, whatever) until Grace Jones defeated him.

Now Tom Hiddleston has an Official Facebook Fanpage, you see. Actually, it was created on Thursday, but it was a quiet thing, until Luke Windsor tweeted about it. Now it has over 50k fans!

Finally, here’s the cover of JK Rowling’s first novel for adults (not porn, just ‘not por kids’), The Casual Vacancy.

I like the summary, so I’ll give it a shot!


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