Amy’s Top50 Songs of 2017

10. Ding Wei (丁薇) – So I (搜爱)

I’ve always loved Ding Wei’s dramatic lyrics and sound. Heavily influenced by her classical music background, it really mixes well with electronic music and triphop beats.

9. HYUKOH – Wanli万里

Take Korean musician Oh Hyuk’s Western rock influence, mix it with his time spent living in China, add in a video shot in Mongolia, and you got a piece of art of worldwide scope.

8. Natalia Lafourcade featuring Los Macorinos – Tú Sí Sabes Quererme

My worries with Latin music that I like is that I always end up learning that the new songs I enjoy are actually, almost always, covers. LOL So when Lafourcade released Tu Si Sabes Quererme, I went on freak mode wondering if it was a cover, because Musas is -after all- a cover album of “muses of Latin folk”.

I’m safe, so far.


7. IU – Jam Jam (잼잼)

You know~ I accidentally discovered Sunwoo Jung-A (선우정아) [1] this year, around the same time that IU’s Palette came out, so it was a surprise to me that my instant love for Jam Jam was because Sunwoo Jung-A composed it.

Here’s a link to the full song just in case.


I think I may have changed my love for Gesu for Dadaray xD


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3 Responses

    second, really like the drama of Chen Weilun and Ding Wei
    surprised to see that Rene/Residente made a song that fits a lot of your aural aesthetic…then again he is always exploring

    and yeah, Latin America makes some of the best political anthems.

    I feel like Macy Gray was popular a while ago but peaked around the time she was in Spider-Man. Still hear one of her Christmas songs in the store during retail work

    • amy says:

      Was Macy Gray in Spider-Man???? I can’t remember AT ALL. lol
      I was really surprised Residente came up with a song like Apocaliptico (Idiotas almost took its place, coz lol so funny, so relatable~), but he just really surprised me with this one.

      Chen Weilun is like, so Western sounding, but the whole Chinese poetry makes it so Chinese without going overboard with traditional instruments.

      I find it interesting that most songs Shiina has been releasing are jingles or TVCM songs, but they’re so good, they’re just songs that happened to be used in commercials. lol I was looking back and was taken aback by the fact that God nor Buddha was a TVCM for LG. xDDDDD

  1. December 22, 2017

    […] goran kudasai, dozo~ […]

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