Amy MacDonald – Stockholm, Sweden 2012 – Com Hem Sessions Showcase

Silly little me forgot to write down the set list. But then again, I was enjoying myself so much that writing down what Amy MacDonald sang was the last thing on my mind.

Amy MacDonald is an artist that to me is a bit of an uknown. I know of her music. I mean, here in Sweden it’s been hard to miss her breakthrough single This Is The Life  and I have loved her song Dancing In The Dark without knowing it was her. This situation had Milow written all over it (you may recall my story of how I fell in love with Milow. If not then you can read it here), and well, I must say that I am a bit blown away with Amy MacDonald.

Just a few hours earlier I met her for an interview. She was very kind and very lovely. She has this spark in her eyes that makes you want to stare at her all day. I had just been listening to her upcoming album, Life In A Beautiful Light, the day before. Although not an album that grabbed me instantly, after a few listens I have found myself very in fond of it. Yet that fondness grew into something bigger once I saw Amy live. That voice, that presence, that joy — me and my concert companion agreed instantly after the show was over that we had to see Amy live again. The showcase was lovely, but way too short. One hour is not enough and the feeling of wanting more was planted in all of us.

The showcase was held at Nalen, which is one of my all time favorite venues. It’s spacey yet intimate, and tonight it was full. Amy does have very devoted fans here in Sweden, seeing as the entire audience was captivated by her. Myself I was dancing along to all of her songs but I was taken away by Pride, This Is The Life (how can I not as it’s a radio darling here in Sweden) and the titletrack of the new album Life In A Beautiful Light.

The showcase was a sort of release party. It was the first time the songs from Life In A Beautiful Light were played live. So, in all, it was a very exclusive show. I feel delighted, since Amy has this rich Scottish accent that gives her voice such power. Add to that the fact that her music is very listener friendly, great melodies and lyrics, I am for sure keeping my eyes out for more of Amy. I might become a fan.


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  1. Concert companion says:

    It’s agreed. Her scottish accent as well for audience contact and the lyrics giving interesting thoughts. Thumbs up from recently initiated

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