Eminem – Recovery

Release date: June 22, 2010
Label: Aftermath Records


  1. Cold Wind Blows
  2. Talkin’ 2 Myself featuring Kobe
  3. On Fire
  4. Won’t Back Down featuring P!nk
  5. W.T.P.
  6. Going Through Changes
  7. Not Afraid
  8. Seduction
  9. No Love featuring Lil Wayne
  10. Space Bound
  11. Cinderella Man
  12. 25 To Life
  13. o Bad
  14. Almost Famous
  15. Love the Way You Lie featuring Rihanna
  16. You’re Never Over

One wonders if Eminem purposely released Relapse to be able to release this. In Recovery, he seems sharper, even if it isn’t on par with some of his previous work. In here, he apologizes a lot, which seems like a whole new different Eminem altogether, but he also seems more serious, more willing to take a shot at himself than other celebrities.

Recovery also contains more radio-friendly collaborations like Won’t Back Down with Pink, and Love the Way You Lie with Rihanna. Even the first single, I’m Not Afraid, seems like the anthem for those who’ve lost their way.

He really should stay away from collaborating with Lil’ Wayne, though.

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

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