SM Town in New York 2011


What can I say? BoA was beautiful, dazzling and charismatic. She performed a lot of her US album songs, including Eat You Up [MV], I Did it for Love, which featured Key of SHINee, and Energetic. She also performed her latest Korean hits Copy & Paste and Hurricane Venus. She did all this with amazing swag.

Looking like a true diva, BoA expressed a lot to her fans in her eloquent English. You could tell she was at the verge of tears from the excitement of being able to perform in the dream venue of Madison Square Garden.

Unfortunately or not, by the time she was performing Energetic, I was too distracted by an incredible vision. This brings me to…


After almost three whole hours it finally happened. TVXQ were going to perform.

SM prepared an amazing intro video for them and then they ascended from among the fans to the stage. This was an incredibly emotional moment for my Cassiopeia heart. You could tell the atmosphere became different after Yunho and Changmin took the stage. And then it happened, they played their medley of old TVXQ songs ending with Mirotic.

The crowd went crazy, my lips trembled and my eyes watered. Pictures do these two men justice, but there’s nothing like the real thing. They are handsome beyond belief!

TVXQ’s performances were powerful. Then they brought it down with their baby making song Before You Go. I’m pretty sure a bag full of fans became pregnant just from watching Changmin perform this song — it is pure sensual energy. It didn’t help that Changmin had presented the song in a low husky voice with a knowing smirk and a mischievous glint in his eyes.

By the time they performed Rising Sun emotions were running high. I had heard from other SM Town shows that they performed this song along with Super Junior guys. This time around it was just Changmin and Yunho, and that, at least, made me very glad.  Not seeing the other three members on stage to perform those songs hurt enough already.

Just as Julyssa had mentioned from SM Town in Paris, I kept seeing the shadows of the JYJ members on stage with them. One of the back-up dancers even had a haircut very similar to Yoochun’s Mirotic style which didn’t help at all.

One negative note on TVXQ, though. There wasn’t nearly enough of it! SM shouldn’t be so stubborn and only allow the guys to perform their Japanese songs. I would’ve liked to hear Superstar live. Oh well.

The concert was truly amazing. Madison Square Garden was the perfect venue for such a high budget event. With a full house, the staff at Madison Square Garden was apparently impressed, and so were the fans and onlookers. There was a great vibe throughout the weekend with fans filling up the streets of New York City. The event even made it to the New York Times and the New York Herald!

If there were another SMTown event held tomorrow, I would go in a heartbeat. Whether you’re a fan of a few or all SM Entertainment artists, you should not miss out on this magnificent concert. It’s making K-Pop history all over the world.



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  1. Julyssa says:

    Lol, your TVXQ bias is showing girl….

    • Roxanne says:

      @Julyssa, It’s pretty inevitable >_< They had me waiting all night until FINALLY TVXQ!! lol It was first time seeing them EVER! But… I still need to see JYJ to feel ultimately fulfilled. Have tons of fun at the concert in Germany!

      By the way it's incredible how similar our experiences were in the different SM Towns. Minus the SHINee 'cause I wasn't a fan to begin with. But I think I was a closeted SNSD fan as well O_O

      • Julili says:

        @Roxanne, Everybody and their grandmother is a closeted SNSD fan. It’s like, you are watching them perform and you can’t but start dancing along. Suddenly you find yourself singing to every song, cus for some reason u know them all. Finally, when Yoona looks your way, you melt.

        I find it annoying that they have to wait for DBSK to come out at the very last set. Talk about special treatment much? Isn’t this supposed to be a family?

  2. Roxanne says:

    One more comment…. the SM Town photographers…. NOT GOOD. Look at those pictures. Seriously. Where’s the balance and the focus?

    But I have no camera >_> can’t complain much.

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