SM Town in New York 2011


The girls opened with their debut song La-Cha-Ta. Afterwards, they presented themselves and, of course, when Amber stepped to the front, the whole crowd went crazy. It seemed as if no one cared about the rest of the group, as sad as that sounds. But they performed wonderfully and fans cheered hard for Victoria when she did her ‘Chu~’ flip, although that might have been because of the very visible hot pants underneath.

Nonetheless, I loved their energy; they were smiling the whole time. Even though they didn’t mention it verbally, their performance showed how excited they were to be performing in New York.

My only negative comment would be who the hell chose Sulli’s outfits? They were all pretty bad compared to what the rest of the girls were wearing, which was pretty hip.


I had never in my life heard Kangta’s music.

I’m sorry for the Kangta fans, but I can’t say much about his performance except that he has a very beautiful voice. He’s also very handsome and respectful. He bowed deep to the fans after every song. His love song collaboration with Sulli of F(x) was also very adorable, despite the fact that he’s almost twice Sulli’s age.

I would’ve perhaps chosen one of the girls from SNSD to do this collaboration. Fans were also pleasantly surprised to see Onew become part of the performance — he played a delivery boy for the singing couple. Overall, you can tell Kangta is a seasoned artist and his performances were very good.


SHINee came out third. They were explosive, energetic and interactive. Those boys are really good dancers. Beyond Ring Ding Dong, I didn’t know much about SHINee, but I must say I was impressed by their quality as live performers.

When they’re on stage no one looks away. I will also confess that I had slowly become smitten with a certain Choi Minho. By the eighth performance of the night, I suddenly found myself almost face to face with him — during the Get Down performance, included Minho and Key from SHINee, plus Eunhyuk and Shindong of Super Junior. They boys suddenly came out from among the fans in the 100 area. There were about five people between the SHINee duo and myself. Those two are gorgeous up close. Not to mention they were the most fun to look at during the performances.

Let’s just say by the end of the night I was a Minho fan.


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  1. Julyssa says:

    Lol, your TVXQ bias is showing girl….

    • Roxanne says:

      @Julyssa, It’s pretty inevitable >_< They had me waiting all night until FINALLY TVXQ!! lol It was first time seeing them EVER! But… I still need to see JYJ to feel ultimately fulfilled. Have tons of fun at the concert in Germany!

      By the way it's incredible how similar our experiences were in the different SM Towns. Minus the SHINee 'cause I wasn't a fan to begin with. But I think I was a closeted SNSD fan as well O_O

      • Julili says:

        @Roxanne, Everybody and their grandmother is a closeted SNSD fan. It’s like, you are watching them perform and you can’t but start dancing along. Suddenly you find yourself singing to every song, cus for some reason u know them all. Finally, when Yoona looks your way, you melt.

        I find it annoying that they have to wait for DBSK to come out at the very last set. Talk about special treatment much? Isn’t this supposed to be a family?

  2. Roxanne says:

    One more comment…. the SM Town photographers…. NOT GOOD. Look at those pictures. Seriously. Where’s the balance and the focus?

    But I have no camera >_> can’t complain much.

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