Benjamin Lacomb – Les Amants Papillon

Author: Benjamin Lacomb
Genre: Story/Illustration

Talk about shallow buying! I picked up a Spanish copy of Lacombe’s Les Amants Papillons (Los Amantes Mariposa/The Butterfly Lovers) because the cover was oh-so-pretty. There is no denying that the book contains wonderful illustrated work in the 30 or so pages it has, on 15.5in x 10.75in good quality paper.

The story, if you don’t know it by now, is loosely based on the famous Chinese (tragic) legend about two lovers that can’t be together – can they ever? This time around, however, they give it a Japanese spin to tell you the story of Naoko, who is a feisty girl who likes to study like the boys do, but is promised in matrimony by her father. Of course, she doesn’t get married, she dresses up as a boy,= and meets Kamo, who feels funny with Naoko but he doesn’t know “he” is a girl.

The text is easy for kids to read, very little of it, and huge, in case you have trouble seeing. The take on the story is really aimed at kids, but I don’t know why you would buy such a pretty book for kids. Maybe you can afford it.

Perfect buy for those who like to collect illustrations.

Not so great, if you’re looking forward to reading.

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

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