Rush – Headlong Flight (Lyric Video)

A new teaser single just got released on the Canadian Power trio Rush’s website. The name of the new single is Headlong Flight and I believe that it is going to fit right in on the new album Clockwork Angels — that is going to be released in June later this year.

How do I know it’s going to fit right in? Well, take a listen to the other singles the band has released such as Caravan and BU2B. When listening to those songs and Headlong Flight, one can see that Rush has entered a new harder and more raw area of music. The songs are faster, the drumming is harder and the guitar has been more distorted.

The video itself is made with old footage from different concerts, edited to sync with the song itself. It is similar in that way to the Van Halen video She’s the Woman, except Rush has no footage of them playing their new song. Other than that, the video shows the lyrics of the song with signs or rolling text on the screen, which is pretty cool.

I really respect this development of Rush’s music. You could tell where their music was heading when listening to their latest album Snakes and Arrows, which is kind of the starting point of their new sound.

It is not often that bands, as they grow older, play a harder type of music, but even though Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart are almost 60 years old, they just keep playing harder and harder but don’t seem to lose their creative ability and uniqueness to create songs. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new album, but I’m guessing it is going to take a while for us to see them live again, since they went on their Time Machine Tour in 2010-11, and finished the album just after they returned to the studio. But who knows, maybe the guys have a lot more in them.

By Peter Andersson

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