Namie Amuro feat. Yamashita Tomohisa – Unusual

So the collaboration that made every Jpop fan go “wtf” was released on March 8th.

Aw god, I’m trying not to go bananas as I watch and listen to this. If you are a fan of Jpop you might understand me, but for those of you who need an explanation: Namie Amuro is often called the Jpop queen and with good reason, she sings and performs amazingly. Yamashita Tomohisa, a.k.a. Yamapi, although very much popular in the Jpop scene, he is hardly known for his vocal chops.

So yeah, everyone and their momma in Japan went all O.o when this collaboration was announced a few weeks back.

I really don’t know what to say about this… I mean… the lyrics: “I am different from all the other girls, yeah.” Really, Yamapi? Or should I call you Yama-she? Miss Y?

Although an interesting collab, the song doesn’t really stand out to me. I might need to listen to it a few more times. I love that Namie is breaking it down and owning it, but I’m sorry to say that Yamapi is way out of his league.


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  1. Dani says:

    Miss Y? Is he a bad girl,good girl?

  2. amy says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ve said it again. Do not get Namie Amuro. LOL I do not get Jpop idols any longer.

  3. well hello says:

    im not wowed by the song either but the collab is an absolute treat (not to mention eye candy) that said given Namie is the main here, as a feat artist, Yamapi did very well. I just didnt like how his part is too liquified. but its whats required for the song.

    as for the lyrics he didnt sing the part with Im and sang only that bit with ..different from other girls.

    dang, Avex Queen x JE Prince

    • julili says:

      @well hello, He sang it the first time. I’m just taking any opportunity to call him Yama-she hahah I blame Asianpopaddict.
      I don’t like how this song is just not fit for his voice (then again which song really is?)
      I almost this was done with Arashi, not that thye sing better but I dunno… it would have been more fun?

  4. Lily says:

    I’ve only seen the first 40 secs, and I’m already dying. But I was also “WTF” at the “I am different from the other girls” bit. However, the PV manages to replace my views of the .mp3, although I already liked it – but of course, HD proves flawless, and Yamapi never fails (Johnny’s and their miracle boys).

    I don’t like how his voice was synthesized so much – he can sing well, but the music and tempo make his voice near unrecognizable. As for Namie, I know she can strut, and I like her stuff, but – in this video, it almost seems like onei-san and ototo-san. Not a collaboration between two mature artists (kudos to Johnny’s for providing it though! I was praying for a collab!!)

    Also, @julili – I don’t think Johnny would be stupid enough to collab Arashi with a female artist; which would it be? (Other than Ayumi, and even then, that wouldn’t create a total scandal? Koda? ROFL) I think if that were to occur, it would have to be single members. Otherwise, it gets too hectic with too many vocals. The duets work well.

    Thank you for this article! I’m off to go finish the rest of the PV. And brownie points out to Pi. He’s come a loong way. (I just hope he doesn’t go off like Jin; biggest disappointment of life.)


    • Julili says:

      Hi! sorry for the late reply. Hmmm if Arashi would to collab with a female artists…. let them collaborate with Morning Musume! Hahaha j/k j/k
      It’s true, it would be hectic with all those members singing at the same time… but it would be interesting none the less… I guess we could play imaginary collaboration with it!

  5. li says:

    well, for me the song and the video are ok, not awesome but good, I like namie amuro songs and I like Yamapi looks hehe.

    BTW Yamapi doesn’t sing “I am different from the other girls”, is Namie who does it and Yamapi sings “I am different from the other boys”, check his lips, the thing is that ist at the same time and Namie’s voice overlaps Yamapi’s

    • Julili says:

      @li, I find the song getting stuck in my head as the days go by……
      I really need to listen to the hd version of the song, I can’t hear him say boy!

  6. Faith says:

    Well, I’d say Namie Amuro is the Queen. I was probably more fascinated with the PV more than the song. Not that it was a great video or a bad song. I thought that ‘Make It Happen’ with After School was more ear candy, but it was fascinating to watch Namie strut her stuff as always. She smiles more in this video, too, than in the others. And my Lord! Her English lines are so much more better now! Nice going, girl! :D Pi was also fascinating to watch. He held his own, but he’s a Prince next to a Queen. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing her collaboration with Verbal and Li’l Wayne (fer godsakes!).

    • Julili says:

      @Faith, I’m really new to the whole Namie fandom so I couldn’t say about her smiling more. I really wish I had the time to see more stuff from her! I feel in love with “Hide&Seek” and I have been on an Namie high since.
      I know I have much to catch up to.

      Yes! All those collabs! Omg I keep forgetting when the album is supposed to drop. We are so going to review it here!

      • Faith says:

        @Julili, welcome to the Namie fandom, then! I love Johnny’s boys, too. But again, they’re princes. You have a queen here.

        Recently found out that they moved the release date. Makes sense, considering all that’s happening. I am looking forward to hearing the entire album. Though, most of it’s been released as singles already. Hide & Seek is a great song. So far, I love her Play and Best Fiction albums. I will look forward to that review, too.

  7. neko says:

    Blog walking~
    Yamapi actly said Im different from other boys.. :3 You should go hear the HD version.. super clearly.. I guess namie’s voice overwrite his.. xD;; but its an awsm song!

    • Julili says:

      @neko, I need to look for that HD version but I swear I hear him sing “other girls” True, he is being over-voiced by Namie in some parts.

      Thank you for walking here~

      • neko says:

        owh, you should look somewhere at LJ.. I dont have the link since my friends the one who’s sending it to me.. xDD;; sorry~
        but youre welcome~ 8D nice blog btw..

        • Julili says:

          @neko, I shall look for it, I even have a very Namie loving friend I could ask the link from.

          Btw, are u a Namie or a Yamapi fan?

      • neko says:

        Good luck then~ :3
        I wanted to share with you but I dont know how to give to you..unless if you have skype or a something. 8D cuz mine is video HD, not audio.. xD

        Btw,BOTH.. xDD I love Jpop artist and JE boys.. :3 But i guess Im more to Namie~ She’s hot and awsm.. How about you?

        • Julili says:

          @neko, my email is, send it there if possible.

          I used to be a huge Yamapi fan, not so much anymore. I recently found out about Namie so I’m listening to her as much as I can. I really like her songs.

      • neko says:

        urm.. anoo~~~ cannot send it through email.. cuz its effin huge!.. xD;;;;
        i dont know if mac have this zip to compress tho.. .__. maybe I will try tomorrow at my pc.. xD I’ll tell you if i managed to send.. :3

  8. Lizette says:

    I just really like Tomohisa Yamashita’s hair.

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