Tokyo Jihen – Great Discovery

Release date: June 29, 2011
Label: EMI Music Japan


  1. 天国へようこそ For the Disc (Welcome to Paradise)
  2. 絶対値対相対値 (Absolute Value vs Relative Value)
  3. 新しい文明開化 (Brand New Civilization) [MV]
  4. 電気のない都市 (City Without Electricity)
  5. 海底に巣くう男 (The Man Who Haunts the Bottom of the Sea)
  6. 禁じられた遊び (Forbidden Game)
  7. ドーパミント! BPM103 (Dopa Mint!)
  8. 恐るべき大人達 (Horrible Adults)
  9. 21世紀宇宙の子 (21st Century Universe Girl)
  10. かつては男と女 (Formerly Man and Woman)
  11. 空が鳴っている (The Sky Is Ringing) [MV]
  12. 風に肖って行け (Go and Share in the Wind’s Good Luck)
  13. 女の子は誰でも (A Girl is Anyone) [MV]
  14. 天国へようこそ For the Tube (Welcome to Paradise) – bonus [clip]

Bow-Chika-Wa-Wa~ This album is so groovy. Daihakken has this old school vibe to it. Different genres mix together to create an album packed with variety. And I mean it. There’s a steady punk tune all throughout with infusions of jazz. It’s topped with a velvety ballad mouse and sprinkles of pop. At times it’s very soulful due to Shiina Ringo’s fabulous vocals, then it gets playful in songs such as Kaitei ni Sukuu Otoko. To switch it up they hit us with songs like Osorubeki Otonatachi and Katsute Otoko to Onna that sound so 70s groove. I also spy some grunge in Kaze ni Ayatte Ike. As if that wasn’t enough, Onna no Ko wa Daredemo sounds like it could’ve been used for a scene in Chicago.

Wait! Don’t run for the hills yet folks! Sounds like a hot mess, but it’s actually a very fun album. The most amazing part is that Shiina Ringo’s voice fits every single one of those genres so well. She’s truly an amazing vocalist. Plus, Tokyo Jihen is just that kind of band. They can make something as crazy as Daihakken and get away with it. Why else would they name this album “Breakthrough”?

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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  1. amy says:

    You’re supposed to translate the titles in English xD – I’ve talked about Tengoku Youkoso before.

    I’ve had an interesting experience with Tokyo Jihen… in that I really didn’t get their first two albums. LOL Their sound was… so hard xD but then Sports came out, and it was wow~ I was looking forward to this but just haven’t had the time to actually listen to it.

    Welcome to Paradise was my favorite track last year. xD (you can also tag shiina ringo in this). She’s one of my dream concerts O_O Miyavi’s coming hahaha, then maybe someday xD

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