IMMI – Switch

Release date: September 10, 2008
Label: Grand Trax


  1. Go with the flow feat. Shigeo
  2. Ups & Downs
  3. Power Station
  4. Hazy
  5. 1 Upper
  6. Milk & Honey
  7. Klaxon (Album ver.)
  8. Cosmic Pink (Album ver.)
  9. Girlfriend? feat. kNY (MGK)
  10. Local Train
  11. Anju
  12. Lovesong – Cover of “The Cure” –
  13. クラクション (Klaxon)

Japanese Electro-Pop is something that isn’t as mainstream as your typical J-Pop, but is rising steadily. If you want to get into it, IMMI is a good way to start. I consider her stuff better than the more known Electro-Pop duo Perfume.

SWITCH is her debut indie album, which sums up her first two singles Klaxon and Cosmic Pink while adding so much more. IMMI’s music is what I would expect to hear playing when I walk into a hip Japanese street-style store. It’s electronic music with an urban feel, most of the songs are mid-tempo with strolling-down-the-park sort of vocals. Her voice is melodious and attractive in most of the tracks.

Girlfriend? reminds me of the 80s pop style, which is quite attractive. There’s even some French in there, which caught me by surprise. Local Train includes sounds that remind me of video games or walking in the clouds, and it’s probably the most upbeat song of the album.

Another notable track is Lovesong, which is a cover of a popular 80s band The Cure, which is very enjoyable for it’s almost ethereal quality. Finally, I’d like to highlight Klaxon because it’s a bit darker than the rest of the album. It brings you images of some dim-lighted underground club packed with alternative-style people.

I can’t really say which is my favorite song in this album, but overall it’s a good listen, especially when you want to chill and just listen.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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