Mariah Carey – Almost Home

WHAT. THE. F. Mimi.

When have you ever needed to resort to heavy post-processing of your voice. What happened, Mimi,to your days of Hero [MV]? With a voice as rich as yours, a song like Almost Home feels almost stooping as low as the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen (and I can be caught humming to Call Me Maybe [MV]). But let’s say it like it is, as much as you loved creating tribute videos and remixes to Jepsen’s tune, we know for a fact that she can’t reach the heights of Hero or even the glass-breaking pop height of Heartbreaker [MV].

Since the demise of Whitney Houston, Mariah stands alone in the ground of pop music. Sorry, Xtina, B, and Alicia.

But even as disappointing as Almost Home can be, it’s a HUGE step up from Mariah’s kind of a comeback with the completely disappointing — ironically — Triumphant (Get’Em) [MV], which barely featured Mariah and flooded us with Rick Ross and Meek Mill instead.

I’m shocked they got David LaChapelle for the video since it’s a pretty run of the mill music video for a movie, featuring pretty graphics from Oz, The Great and Powerful — which, you know, has exceeded expectations over the weekend [1][2][3] — and quite nice black & white shots of Mimi being all dramatic and mopey.

Though Disney has improved Mimi, by stirring your 90s memories, this is certainly not top-notch Mimi, and I want that back. The fact that people are praising the song speaks more of the state of the pop music industry than anything else.

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