New Kids on the Block – Remix (I Like The)

As you may have already noticed, I’m a crazy boy band girl. And though South Korea has really left me behind in terms of boy band-dishing, because I CAN’T KEEP UP, I try my best.

The New Kids on the Block are my eldest cousin’s territory, and I have a love/meh relationship with them, even if I have the two or three albums by Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight post-NKotB. I was aware of the NKotBSB project, and I’m well aware that NKotB are having a tour called The Package, which will unite 98 Degrees (who have just gotten back together [1]) and Boyz II Men.

Which one is vocally better aside…

The New Kids on the Block are also releasing a brand new album called 10, to be released on April 2nd and where this first single comes from. Titled Remix (I Like The) — I keep being disappointed by lyrics across genres — it was directed by Rami Hachache and features actress Artemis Pebdani as “The Lonely and Awkward Wallflower” who starts jamming like there’s no tomorrow to an all-suited-up NKotB performance.

I gotta give it to Donnie Wahlberg for grooving with so much fun alongside Pebdani. At a point in the video, it seems like a really, REALLY awkward office party. LOL But it’s fine, it’s a group that knows its demographic that’s filled with women who grew up listening to them and are still with them. Through thick and thin. It’s refreshing.

Also there’s synchronized swimming!

The Package Tour begins on May 28th, and you can check information on the website.

98 Degrees’ comeback album, titled 2.0, will be released in May 7th.


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