Juanes – Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard (Lyric Video)

Some time ago Juanes once said that he couldn’t write (or sing) songs in English because Spanish was the language he dreamt in [1], so I was curious when this showed up on my stream with English title and all. Has Juanes taken a step to the American market?

I was a little confused and taken aback when this “English” song began and continued in Spanish. My brain couldn’t process it, I was watching the lyrics in Spanish and the English didn’t quite match… even though it was matching the melody, and alas~ it clicked- Juanes was doing a cover of Beck’s Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard [1].

Released in 2012 as part of Beck’s Song Reader as a tribute to the time when music was primary shared by sheet music, inspired other musicians to do their own versions of the songs, which became a compilation released as Beck Song Reader and includes interpretations of the songs by the likes of Fun., Norah Jones, Laura Marling, Jack (White and Black), among others… and, of course, Colombia’s Juanes.

Juanes did great translating the lyrics, no complaints here… except that I hope he’d put as much effort in songs for his own albums. It’s been quite a while since you’d see him writing this way for some reason.

You can get Beck Song Reader on iTunes.


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