Chris Lee – A Magical Encounter 1987 MV

We haven’t talked about Chris Lee for a very long time, though we greatly enjoyed the flabbergasted Western world when she won Best Worldwide Act at the 2013 MTV EMA Awards. Feature that was duplicated by singing-contestant mate Bibi Zhou last year- you do NOT mess with Super Girl girls[1], or you do not mess with Mainland China.

Chris Lee released her 6th full-length studio album A Magical Encounter 1987 (1987 我不知会遇见你) in September last year, which she promoted with three singles — the Chips Ahoy! sponsored Dance to the Music [MV][CM], Cool (酷) [MV], and a short sample of Stay Gold (如初) [MV].

What’s interesting about this brand new simple video shot in London is that it was directed by record producer Zhang Yadong (张亚东), who’s worked with the likes of actress Zhao Wei, Mainland China’s heavenly voice Han Hong, Mainland China rocker Wang Feng, and most famously with diva extraordinaire Faye Wong… in Wong’s possibly most renown album- the 1996 Mandopop Fuzao (浮躁), and more. Zhang Yadong also composed the music for Stanley Kwan’s gay-themed Lan Yu. He had previously produced Lee’s first two albums The Queen and the Dreams (皇后与梦想) and Mine (我的).

Zhang Yadong is an amazing record producer and composer [1].

A Magical Encounter 1987 is available in both Xiami and iTunes.

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