Bibi Zhou – Sherlock Holmes

This is what label mistreatment seems to be.

After parting ways from Gold Typhoon, Bibi has released a string of lukewarm singles and collaborations including Go! [MV], a collab for Cloud Atlas [MV] and her own song for the film titled Under the Stars [1], just… you know, to keep on the public eye. I’ve heard talk on the release of a brand new album, which I’ve been waiting for since the release of Black.Choice.White in 2011.

Back then, I was crazy nuts over Sherlock Holmes [1]. I was always a bit baffled as to why Gold Typhoon had released some of Bibi’s other singles, but had never actually made the awesomeness that is Sherlock into a single. Apparently, they had done it, they had just never released it. Not until now that this sole lousy leak was uploaded a couple of days ago. Seriously, I thought I might be able to post a better upload if I let the days pass, but I can find no decent copy of it anywhere on the net.

— EDIT —

A slightly better upload has been posted.

No information of the music video is available, which is a pain because I think Bibi looks amazing in it. At times it reminded me of a less sophisticated The Police’s Wrapped Around your Finger [MV]. I think it had a lot to do with the light bulbs.

I’ll keep you posted on what I hear about the new album.


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  1. May 12, 2014

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