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So Bibi set herself up with a new deal to make music with YueHua Music (乐华娱乐) as a partner of the Beijing-based company, starting with the setup of Begins Studio [1][2]. Go! (走!) is the first proper song she’s done. It was written and composed by Kubert Leung Kiu-Paak (梁翘柏), who had previously worked with Bibi for the Beijing Olympics song Dreams in Sight (梦想在望) [MV], which I was (and still am) all over during the 2008 event.

Leung Kiu-Paak has not only done that. Apparently, he was also the arranger in Faye Wong’s Wings of Light (光之翼) [clip] and a number of other fabulous songs from the extraordinary 2001 album, obviously titled Faye Wong (王菲), DUH!

For the music video, directed by Xian Xu Chu (咸旭初), they invited four people from different industries to share their experiences, their hard work to achieve their dreams, inspiring people with small steps.

No easy to embed video… yet. But you can check it out on Sohu.

— EDIT —

There’s also a YinYueTai version available.

— EDIT December 9th, 2016 —

Alternative upload via YH Entertainment (乐华娱乐).


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  1. October 15, 2015

    […] from Gold Typhoon, Bibi has released a string of lukewarm singles and collaborations including Go! [MV], a collab for Cloud Atlas [MV] and her own song for the film titled Under the Stars [1], […]

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