Beyoncé – I Was Here

Last Sunday, Beyoncé and the United Nations teamed up to premiere the music video of I Was Here from last year’s album 4.

“One day, one message, one goal. To inspire people all over the world to do something good, no matter how big or small, for someone else.”

Beyoncé performed the song in front of a live audience — including Diane Warren, who wrote the song — at the United Nations General Assembly on August 10th. The video — helmed by Ridley Scott & Associates and directors Kenzo Digital and Sophie Muller — features Beyoncé singing in a long, fitted white dress while accompanied by footage from various natural disasters and humanitarian workers lending their hand. A map pin icon with the words “I was here” is displayed over each volunteer that is then used at the end of the music video to link all workers together to symbolize one unified mission: helping those in need unselfishly, despite the danger.

World Humanitarian Day was implemented after the 2003 bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq that killed 22 U.N. staff members. For more information regarding WHD and Beyoncé’s video, read here.

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