Beyoncé – Lima, Peru 2010 – I Am… Yours


  1. Deja Vu / Crazy In Love
  2. Naughty Girl
  3. Freakum Dress
  4. Get Me Bodied
  5. Smash Into You
  6. Ave María / Angel
  7. Broken-Hearted Girl
  8. If I Were a Boy / You Oughta Know
  9. Sweet Dreams
  10. Diva
  11. Radio
  12. Ego
  13. Hello
  14. Baby Boy
  15. Irreplacable
  16. Check on It
  17. Bootylicious / Bug A Boo / Jumpin’ Jumpin
  18. Upgrade U
  19. Video Phone
  20. Say My Name
  21. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
  22. Halo
  23. Happy Birthday

Concert was held at Estadio Monumental’s Esplanade, starting at 9pm according to the ticket. At 8:30pm, Peruvian band Adammo played for 30 minutes, only getting a few to actually give two shits for them. The FIFA World Cup was placed at the stage (barely noticeable) at roughly 9pm, as K’naan sang “Waving Flag,” he actually got a pretty good reaction from the crowd, unlike the Peruvian band. After that we had to wait until 10:05pm for Beyoncé to finally enter the stage.

Crowd had all kinds of people, from single ladies to old people, families, jailbaits, loads of gay people, etc. What really sucked here was that just about every jackass stood up in their chairs to witness the concert. A chair is to sit down, not to stand up on it. Really annoying thing, but I wasn’t surprised to see that happening during the course of the event. Also, it seemed to me that barely anyone knew the lyrics to her songs, except for maybe “Irreplaceable.” Granted that most of the people around me were girls and minors, but even Jonas Brothers fans knew the lyrics to “Burning Up.” And it’s sad for me to see that the JBs got a bigger reaction than MJ during the Single Ladies video. People these days~

Beyoncé entered with the “I Am…” instrumental intro, a “Deja Vu” tour skit and kicked off things with “Crazy in Love,” wishing Jay-Z had appeared to introduce her. However, it was a very strong intro and for me, it was easily the best part of the show, including the sax solo and confetti thrown near the end of the song, making her look like a very big deal. The other songs that got the strongest reaction along with the Intro segment would be “Irreplaceable” and obviously, “Single Ladies.” The setlist was good for a Beyoncé concert and they made good use of the LCD screen. Highlighting a tribute to Michael Jackson, lots of wardrobe changes (lost count), the multiple front row greeting, and also a brief rendition of “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morrisette halfway through the concert. Her musicians are really great.

I’ll admit I only knew very little of Beyoncé’s stuff before the concert, except for her big hits – I only ended up here for mere chance. I did, however, hate “Check on It” and “Single Ladies” with a blind raging passion. Thankfully, the first song was kept short while the latter was overextended.

This was my first time attending a pop concert. It was surprisingly really good, but it doesn’t even come close to Metallica’s concert from back in January. All the single ladies and her hardcore fans will disagree with me, though.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


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  1. May 25, 2015

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