Combo De La Musica – Stockholm, Sweden 2011 – Etablissemanget

It was a pure bliss. Once you fall for a group then it’s just a lovely road you embark on. All the songs are good, seeing them live is fun. Everything is pretty prefect. Pretty much as with a romantic relationship, the first months are just pure bliss.

I love being on a Combo De La Musica-bliss.

This time they played at Establissimanget, a nice little club inside the Södra Teatern. Place was packed an hour before the gig — not that I’m surprised, with great music comes a lot of fans. Because Combo De La Musica is very good music, it’s easy to fall for. Music that makes you want to dance, add lyrics that are meant for you to sing along to — it’s a winning concept.

Kristin Amparo killed it yet again with her powerful voice. With the growling and the richness of her voice, it sent pleasant shivers down my spine. Again I wonder if one can be in love with a voice.

This time around, Combo De La Musica had fewer members on stage. Not that its something bad, it allowed for some members to shine even more — as Abel Haile on the saxophone and Calle Greder on the bass.

To me, Combo De La Musica is one of the best up and coming musical bands on the Swedish music scene. I am excited about the road they have ahead and I will for sure be following them closely.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention this: I brought my mother along to the gig. She liked what she heard — a true miracle seeing as she is very picky with music she doesn’t understand (her English is not the best). If my mother approves, well then it must mean that it’s really good!

All pictures by: FrontStage


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