INA KAA – Stockholm, Sweden 2011


  1. Meltin
  2. Together Again
  3. Until We Meet
  4. Beware
  5. Loose Ends
  6. Don’t Know
  7. Bad Behavior

There are moments that take your breath away, then there are moments that demand your complete attention — all of that is what I felt from just the first song that Kristin Amparo started off her small concert in the cozy scene of Fasching Jazzclub.

Kristin Amparo is a force to be reckoned with, I should know, seeing as I fell in love with her voice from one song, then I fell in love with her stage charisma once I finally got the opportunity to see her live. She is the kind of singer/artist that makes you realize you’re experiencing a legend. I may be exaggerating, but watching Kristin on stage, pouring her heart out as she sings, somehow I imagined that is how people felt when they saw greats such as Billie Holiday or Aretha Franklin.

When Kristin started to sing Meltin, it felt as if the world really melted away and all I could see was the music. With those beautiful lyrics and soft melodies, everything around me disappeared in a mist. The rest of the set kept in that way, with Kristin amping up the energy to make us jam and then bringing it back down to soothe us.

Kristin Amparo is many things: a vocal artist, a composer, joyful, sensual. When she is on stage everything works together to create an experience. She is one with the music, with her band, with the audience. It goes beyond listening to the music to feeling the music. It’s a very soulful journey which draws you in completely.

Kristin is currently working on a solo album. Considering the fact that she has a very impressive resume (she has worked with many big names in music, both in Sweden and internationally) and considering this small concert I got to experience, I look forward to everything she will come out with as well as root her. Once Kristin seduces you with her music, there’s no turning back.


Music is all I do: I work in music, I write about music, I listen to music.

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  1. Camiele says:

    Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin…? Those are some big words, even bigger footsteps to follow behind. I’ll have to listen to her and see what she’s all about.

    • Julyssa Diaz says:

      @Camiele, Hey, you know I wouldn’t just spurt that out.
      Kristin is someone you need to experience live, then it’s when you can really experience her. But I think that a quick youtube search can give you an initial idea of how she sounds.

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