2PM – I’m Your Man

Continuing with the post about what actor Sousuke Takaoka said about the Hallyu wave.

This is what happens when Koreans do Japanese pop:

They do it so much better.

Please, compare this to the previous music video posted of KAT-TUN. Now, KAT-TUN is a very popular boy band in Japan. One of the best many will say. But look at how 2PM dances, the way the song is produced. Who would you say has the better song all around?

In that aspect, yes Japan, you really need to amp up your game. Kpop is kicking your little Jpop ass.

By the way, this release is so much better than Tohoshinki’s recently released Superstar [PV] — for those who don’t know Tohoshinki/DBSK is a Korean group. They are extremely popular in Japan. They are among the first Koreans that broke through the Japanese music market. Better watch your back, Tohoshinki. Seems like 2PM is coming after your Jpop throne.

Oh! Japan, you really need to cut the crap about not sharing your music on YouTube. Where the hell are we fans supposed to watch the music videos if you don’t upload them anywhere? Here one must go on a treasure hunt to find one decent quality video. That’s just wrong.


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  1. Dani says:

    Me gusta

  2. believer says:

    what an insightful post.

  3. Julili says:

    thank you!

    • believer says:

      @Julili, i was being sarcastic. i somehow found this website and was getting excited about the many articles available but as well as being too short i wouldn’t even call them worth reading. i do not care about the opinion of the author if they do not give me a good reason to. for example, you cannot make a blanket statement of all korean idols doing better japanese songs than the japanese idols with just one example for each. it’s just not very convincing. plus, how is kat-tun considered ‘one of the best’ and why would you compare them with 2pm? also, choreography=/=dancing skill.

      • yam magazine says:

        @believer, to be fair here, this is just a music video post so the author is bind to just post about this one subject with a random comment on it. Did you check our Feature section? Those are the ones that expand on different subjects, but we never claim to be the experts on one topic, so we are never 100% knowledgeable in all.

  4. moncha says:

    Totally Agree!! =)

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